There’s more to a look than a label.

We started BE.Anthony to showcase the beautifully-crafted, quality handbags we believe are the perfect alternative to overpriced luxury name brands. Because we’re never content to jump on the handbag-wagon and wear the same label as everyone else.

If you’re like us you strive to live a life that makes a statement – why not make a statement with the look you present to the world? That’s the dream behind the BE.Anthony name: breaking away from the labels, the gimmicks, the latest fad. Appreciating the beauty of individuality, and celebrating the art of fashion.

This is our mission: to find and deliver accessories that stand on their own, and go beyond the limits of labelling. Now we’re inviting you to acquire these wearable works of art, and continue to create a style that’s one-of-a-kind.

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